10 Year Guarantee

The following are excluded from the guarantee:
 1. Substrates that are not virgin uPVC or polyester powder coating unless approved,

     in writing and substrates that are defective.
2. Damage caused by mechanical abrasion.
3. Damage caused by solvents and chemicals, including chemical damage caused

   by pollution.
4. Touch up materials and the areas coated by them.

Provisions of the Guarantee
 In the case of the product coating being found to be defective, REPLICOAT LTD liability shall be limited to rectification work deemed necessary. This work will only be carried out by organisations appointed by REPLICOAT LTD. No claims for consequential losses will be accepted. Distortion or damage to profiles and panels, caused by heat absorption when the colour is changed, is not the responsibility of the paint manufacturer or applicator.
This guarantee shall be valid only where the product, to which the product coating is applied, is installed in premises situated in the United Kingdom.
The guarantee is given exclusively to Replicoat Ltd customer and is not transferable and may not be assigned.
This guarantee is subject only to the jurisdiction of English courts acting under English law. Statutory rights of the customer shall not be affected by this guarantee.
 The contents of this guarantee shall override any condition in any contract made between Bespoke Replicoat Ltd and its customer so that the conditions, provisions and exclusions of the guarantee shall prevail.